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Length (mm)557
Weight (g)1829
Fire ModesSemi / Full-Auto
Barrel Length (mm)134
Barrel Bore (mm)6.03
Rails20mm Flat Top - 20mm Underbarrel - Dual Location 20mm Side Rails
Main MaterialsPolymer / Metal
Included(x1) VORSK VMP-1 SMG
(x1) STD Gas VMP Magazine Black - VGS-30-01
(x1) Colour Matched Magazine Sleeve
(x1) Spare O-Rings
(x1) Manual
(x1) Exploded Parts Diagram
(x1) VORSK PVC Patch
Compatible MagazinesVGM-30-01 - VMP Series 48R STD GAS Magazine
VGM-30-02 - VMP Series 48R STD CO2 Magazine
Compatible Batteries / GasVCP-GAS-V6 - V6 GBB Fuel
VCP-GAS-V8 - V8 GBB Fuel
Other Info/SpecsLightweight Polymer Receiver
Integrated Top Rail Fibre Sights
Dual Location 7-Slot Side Rails
Spring Centred Buttstock Tilt Mechanism
Folding Stock
Bespoke Compensator for VORSK VMP Suppressor
Colour Matched Magazine Sleeves
Reinforced Charging Handle
Hop Unit Accessible from Bolt Cover
System 7 Hop-Unit


The VORSK VMP-1 is a lightweight, full-polymer Gas-Blow-Back, Airsoft Sub-Machine-Gun that is at home on the skirmish field as it is the CQB arena.


VORSK are on a mission to deliver Gas-Blow-Back excellence to the Airsoft Field. Building upon their vast selection of Gas-Blow-Back sidearms, the VMP-1 is their first foray into the world of Sub-Machine-Guns. Announced at IWA 2023 and delivered to stores in the summer, the VMP has attracted a lot of attention due to its compact lightweight design, user friendly features and of course, excellent GBB performance.


Ergonomic, Compact & Lightweight


Constructed of a durable, lightweight polymer, the VMP-1 makes for an excellent primary in CQB environments. With the buttstock buried into your shoulder and your hands positioned towards the front of the replica, you’ll enjoy a wide yet controlled “sweep” angle, perfect for transitioning around obstacles and room clearances. Those corner transitions are improved further by the 15° tilt-mechanism installed inside the buttstock. This spring-centered tilt enables you to angle your body around a corner whilst holding the VMP-1 straight, reducing the chance of side-sweeping BBs caused by the hop-curve not being parallel with the ground. The stock itself is foldable along the right-hand edge of the VMP-1, simply lift the lock mechanism and rotate into position – “akimbo, anyone?”. The pistol grip features moulded stippling for a secure hold. Green fibre sights are neatly tucked within the 20mm flattop accessory rail. Although difficult to get your eyeline behind when used with the buttstock, the bright fibre sights allow for speedy, instinctive parallax sighting for fast target acquisition. The foldable stock is built into an M4 Stock Tube receiver slot allowing you to refit your VMP-1 with an M4 stock of your choice


The Perfect Secondary


Built for the CQB Arena, but certainly capable of competing on the Airsoft Field. The VMP-1 when collapsed is only 345mm in length. With the ability to replace the rear stock with a M4 QD Sling Point and aftermarket holsters on the way, the VMP-1 is a worthy candidate as an explosive secondary for any Sniper/ DMR set ups. But it needn’t be a secondary when out in the wilderness of your nearest skirmish field – the VMP-1 is able to hit targets accurately with a predictable flight path at +30m and an exceptionally high ROF (Rate of Fire), it’ll certainly get you out of a pinch when called upon.


48R Full-Auto Gas-Blow-Back Fun


The VMP-1 is a select-fire Airsoft Sub-Machine-Gun. The fire controls are all in easy reach with the bolt release, magazine release and fire selector all a finger or thumb away from your standard “on-trigger” position. Fire safety is controlled by a trigger-safety requiring you to intentionally pull on the full trigger before allowing the VMP to fire. Powered by gas, VORSK recommends their own GBB Fuel, V6 & V8 variants for the VMP-1, with any premium Airsoft Gas suitable. You can expect to get atleast two (potentially three) magazines worth of rounds per every gas refill. Additional magazines are available separately, remember to purchase your colour matched magazine covers to complete the look. To adjust the hop-unit, the VMP-1 is supplied with a Hop-Tool Key to adjust the hop-wheel just inside the dust cover.


Walks the Walk, Talks the Talk


Airsoft is all about the immersing yourself in that days objective, and it helps when your tool for the day “walks & talks” how you’d expect to. VMP-1 owners will enjoy all of the gunplay and transitions associated with GBB replicas. The magazine load’s “slide-click”, the bolt’s “slide-click-slam” and of course the sound of 48 rounds being unloaded downrange on full-auto, the VMP-1 will bring a smile to any airsofter to get their hands on it. Constructed of a durable polymer, the VMP-1 is fitted with metal accessories where required – the reinforced charging handle, 6.03mm Tightbore inner barrel, Flash Hider, Stock Hinge and Dual-Location side rails.


Built for Accessories


An “undressed” VMP-1 will not be how they’re seen in their natural environment – the Airsoft Arena. With a full-length 20mm Flat-Top accessory Rail, Under-Barrel Rail, Dual-Location 7-Slot Side Rails, M4 compatible Stock Tube and of course the optional “Can” suppressor, the VMP-1 is crying out for additional aftermarket accessories. Recommended aftermarket accessories would include a Foregrip, Lasers/Torches, Optic Riser + RDS/Holo Sight. Barrel Attachments are limited when the provided Flash Hider is fitted as this has been designed specifically for the “oversized” suppressor supplied with the “X” variant (also available separately). Should you wish to fit your own Flash Hiders, Suppressors or Tracer Units, simply remove the Flash Hider via its grubscrews and replace with any 14mm CCW airsoft barrel attachment.




The VMP-1X model is a VMP-1 supplied with an additional 48R magazine plus the VMP-1s bespoke “big-boy” suppressor. VORSK went over-the-top with the suppressor to really accentuate the look of this fierce SMG. Fitment is easy due to the 360° Flash Hider fitment, simply align the grooves, press firmly and rotate around 30° to secure the suppressor. The suppressor is foam filled and although not a design feature itself, it is possible to suspend a Airsoft Tracer Unit within the suppressor to help you “light-up” the battle zone. More variants are expected so keep an eye on VORSK social media channels to stay updated on the VMPs development.


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