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  330 to 390 ajustable...
G&G's replica of the P90 is easily one of the best on the market. It uses the same version 6 gearbox as the F2000 which took the world by storm thanks to the quick spring change system, as well as the ability to fine-tune your FPS. That gearbox is housed in G&G's renowned fibre-reinforced nylon, which is both attractive and durable.
This version of the P90 features an integrated green-dot sight, as well as an integrated laser module! It is the only out-of-the-box P90 to offer both an integrated laser & green dot-sight.
The P90, between SMG and PDW classifications, is a great gun - perfect for close-quarters use due to its small size, however it is also more than proficient at longer engagements due to the bullpup design; its small and compact design sports a whopping 247mm 6.04 tight-bore barrel (the same length as a G36C, for example) and a soft cold-weather hop up rubber for improved range. 
• Action: AEG
• FPS: 360
• Magazine: 300 Round BBs
• Range: 60m
• Spin Up: YES
• Full and Semi Automatic
• Full Metal Gearbox
• ABS And Metal Construction
• Metal Bearings
  What you get
• P90 AEG
• Magazine
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