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The SR-4 ST is an entry level airsoft rifle from SRC. The Alpha is a modernized version of the classic M16 style carbine, featuring a MOE-style hand guard with picatinny rail, triangle style front sight and sight rail for stock optics and the standard adjustable SRC car stock. Out of the box, the Alpha comes with the rifle and a 300 round hi-capacity magazine.
Internals - Features, and Benefits
The SR-4 ST is a fairly basic line, which is to be expected for an entry level gun at its price point. Despite the low price, there are no corners cut inside of the gun. It features the following internals:
Metal Gear Set - The SR4-ST line comes equipped with a full metal gear set. At this point, this has become a standard in the airsoft industry, but it is still worth noting the improved reliability when compared to plastic equivalents and that this is a standard feature in the SRC line at this price point.
6mm Metal Bushings - Metal gearbox bushings last longer and provide more long term reliability than a plastic or copper unit, and is standard equipment in the SR4-ST. Another added benefit to a metal bushing is that it will be less prone to angular wear when upgrading the gun. This means that if you are interested in upgrading the gun, it is potentially one less item to be concerned about depending on your specifications.
Nylon Fiber Piston - The SR4-ST line comes equipped with a nylon fiber piston. Which will result in a longer lasting and more durable piston out of the box.
Aluminum Piston Head - On the front of the piston, a metal piston head is standard equipment for the SR4-ST line. A metal piston head will be more resilient and last longer than a plastic equivalent. This is one of the biggest differences from most other entry level guns, as most basic models come equipped with a plastic unit fitted with a brass air nozzle.
Metal Hop Up Unit - Another major difference with the SR4-ST line is that it comes equipped with a metal hop up unit. This is another major improvement over most entry level guns that come equipped with a plastic hop up unit, making the SR4-ST more consistently accurate.

SR4 ST Beta Rifle
Front and Rear Folding Sights
300 Round SRC Magazine
Small Bag BBs
Unblocking/Cleaning Rod

Battery & Charger NOT Included

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