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alf Tan

SPECNA ARMS – SA-E13 EDGE 2.0 Carbine Replica – New receiver/Heavy Ops Stock – Half Tan
The EDGE ™ is a series of Specna Arms replicas that combines a wide range of innovative solutions that are difficult to find in other replicas currently available the market. The series focuses on a very good external build, solutions increasing the replica’s versatility, longevity, facilitating failure diagnostics, and susceptibility to power tuning. Straight out of the box you will get a replica in which you won’t have to make any kind of modifications, unless you want to – which will be remarkably simple.
  The receiver is an original Specna Arms design combining an interesting aesthetic with high ergonomics. Each and single element of the replica has been made and fitted with a very high attention to every detail. The replica comes equipped with a double-sided fring selector, a magazine release button and a steel sling swivel n addition, the receiver was finished with Nano Coating to prevent any scratches.
  The replica is equipped with an adjustable Heavy Ops stock. The Heavy Ops stock comes equipped with an enlarged stock foot and rubber panels with non-slip texture. The design of the stock itself has been enlarged, so that it easily houses high-capacity batteries, while maintaining the ergonomic shape.
  The SA-E13 carbine replica is equipped with a long front rail in the 22mm RIS mounting system on which various tactical accessories can be mounted: flashlights, grips, laser pointers and optical sights. Long rails are at the top and bottom, and shorter sections are at the sides. The barrel is finished with a standard muzzle device. Folding sights were placed on the back of the replica.
  The replica has a build in 6.03 mm diameter internal precision barrel, which will ensure perfect accuracy and precision of shots. A new type of rotary Hop-Up chamber is compatible with the precision barrel, which allows for more precise and stable adjustment of the BB’s precision and accuracy.
  The Helium ™ Flat Hop bucking, which was installed in the replica, will improve the stability of the BB’s and make the shots even more accurate.
  The replica features a quick spring change system, ESA2 ™. The system allows for a quick and efficient a