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Length (mm)224
Weight (g)836
Fire ModesSemi Auto
Barrel Length (mm)113
Barrel Bore (mm)6.03
Rails20mm Frame Rail
Feet Per Second320 - (NUPROL 2.0, 0.20g BB at 20°c)
330 - (NUPROL 3.0, 0.20g BB at 20°c)
Main MaterialsSlide & Frame - Aluminium Alloy
Pistol Grip - HIPS Polymer
Internal Mechanisms - Steel, Brass & Aluminium Alloy
Feed Lips/ Nozzles - Polymer
Included(x1) RAVEN R9-4 Replica
(x1) R9 24R STD GAS Magazine
(x1) CO2 Spring
(x1) Spare Gas Nozzle
(x1) Spare O-Ring Set
(x1) Manual
(x1) Parts Diagram
(x1) RAVEN PVC Patch
Compatible MagazinesRGM-05-02 - RAVEN - R9 SERIES MAGAZINE (CO2) (STD - 24R)
Compatible Batteries / Gas9031 - NUPROL 2.0
9035 - NUPROL 3.0
Other Info/SpecsCNC Finished Slide
Hydrostatic Paint Finish
TM/WE Compatible


The RAVEN R9-4 a modernised version of their popular R9 platform, joining RAVENs more standard “R9” model as well as the traditional “R92F” variant.


The RAVEN R9-4 is a well put together Airsoft Sidearm. A full-metal replica, RAVEN have used an Aluminium Alloy for all the metal parts and a High-Impact Polymer for grip plates. The Slide & Frame have had their finer details finished via CNC cutting methods and then an electrostatically applied paint provides a durable, flat finish.


There are plenty of features to get excited about. The 6.03mm Tightbore Inner Barrel combined with the Adjustable Hop-Unit helps you “bed-in” the R9-4 with it more than capable of hitting targets accurately during typical pistol engagement distances. Target acquisition is aided by the fitting of shielded green-fibre sights, a great help in low-light conditions. This replica ‘walks & talks’ like a real firearm with all of the fire controls functioning as they normally would, except using our beloved 6mm round, plastic calibre. The fire-selector provides a “Safe” and “Semi-Fire” option, with the action of moving the R9-4 to “Safe” decocking (when cocked) & disengaging the trigger. The trigger itself is a Dual/ Single Actioned combination trigger. All of this combined means that you have the option of loading your first BB from your magazine (so there is one in the chamber) and then you can decock the R9-4 back to “Safe”. From here, your first shot will be a long, “dual-action” trigger pull, where the first half of movement will pull on the hammer before firing. The act of firing forces the slide back to re-engage the hammer for your next shot, meaning the trigger now acts as “single-action” with a much lighter trigger pull than your first shot. Take down levers, slide-safety-catch and magazine release all function effectively and smoothly.


Featuring a 3-Slot 20mm frame rail, the R9-4 is ready to accept attachments such as Pistol Lasers and Torches, giving you the tactical edge in CQB engagements. You will find a vast selection of Holsters available for the “R9” platform and there is even a lanyard loop at the base of the grip for an even more secure hold. The outer barrel has a 14mm CCW thread fitted for your Suppressor/ Tracer attachments.


Players can expect a muzzle velocity on a 0.20g BB of around 325 FPS (100 MPS) when using NUPROL 2.0 at around 20°c. The R9-4 is supplied with a 24R Gas Magazine, with a CO2 version, and extended 48R Gas Magazine also available.


The R9-4 is a quality Airsoft Sidearm at a great price. Its modern looks will help it fit in with any extremely modern/ advanced load-out styles and its performance will get you out of a bind when your Primary is unavailable.

RAVEN - R9-4 (TAN)

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