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The R2BS is an airsoft BB grenade that contains approximately 200 6mm BB's which fragments on detonation, releasing a bright flash, loud report and a BB shrapnel spread of 8 to 10 meter radius!
  The projectile is made from trauma-safe, lightweight polyurethane foam and polyurethane lever which contains a flash-bang charge similar to a Mk7. 
 The hand grenades have a 2-stage safety/ignition system exactly the same as a real hand grenade. You pull the ring to remove the cotter-pin and hold the grenade 'spoon-lever' until ready to throw. The 3.5 second delay fuse ignites as soon as the spoon-lever is released when thrown through the air however this only arms the grenade. It requires a solid impact for the fuse to ignite the grenade so be aware that if you throw these and they land on soft ground, they may not go off. However they are still live and a hard knock can set them off!
 The flash burns so fast that the grenade will not ignite dried grass or similar flammable surrounding it may land upon.

R2BS Airsoft BB Grenade

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