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Similar to the M249, this is the current issue support gun which has more RIS rails on the front heat shield assembly that we believe anyone could possibly fill without falling over under the weight!
  The finish on the metalwork is extremely high quality, with 95% (approx) of the construction in metal. The rate of fire on this model is around 1500 rounds a minute.
   You can use the 2500rd box mag or any M4 rifle mags, we would recommend hi-caps!
•Action: AEG
•FPS 320
•FPS: 300
•Metal Feed Cover with Rail
•Design Gear Box
•BiPod for C249 Series
•Design Hop Up Chamber
•High Capacity Magazine for M16 (300rd) included
•8mm Bearing Gear Box
•Metal Spring Guide
•Easy Assembly RIS without Machining

M249 MK46
Drum mag
  UKARA code?

M249 MK46

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