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This is a quality gas powered revolver. Has the same style hammer action and spinnable bullet chamber layout as the real thing and can be loaded in the same way.
The bullet style BB cartridges hold one BB each and the gun holds six of these cartridges. You don't need to take these out of the chamber to load a BB, they can can be loaded from the front, which is faster. HFC have wisely decided to make these from metal so green gas or Kick Ass gas can be used which will give you around 300fps using 0.20g BB.
As with all HFC gas guns the build quality is superb, it feels very solid with no creaks or wobbles.
Full scale 1/1 size airsoft replica

• Power rating up to 300 fps using 0.20g 6mm BB
• 45 metre range
• Semi auto firing
• Safety mode
• Rotating bullet chamber
• Gas powered (green gas, kickass etc)
• Dimensions 24cm(L) x 14cm(W) x 5cm(H)
• Weight 1kg (approx)
• Metal internals
• Metal trigger and hammer assembly 
  UKARA code?


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