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airsofter loadout
bb's pouch of our own brand


KINGS OF AIRSOFT BB Pellets have been designed to optimise the performance of Co2 operated Airsoft Guns, BB Guns with Hop Up, Shotguns, Single shot Rifles, High end (AEG) Electric Rifles. These are optimised for accuracy as well as superior distance. 

You will be amazed just how good these BB'S are! 

This product is calibrated and has a smooth polished surface with no ridges or imperfections, making this product the best you can buy for your 6mm Airsoft BB Gun.

KINGS OF AIRSOFT Pellets are unlike any other on the market. They are manufactured in a different way from the others on today’s market. KINGS OF AIRSOFT BB'S are developed to increase accuracy and distance giving you an advantage over your enemy, plus protecting your gun from any damage.

Most BB pellets available today are cheap and poorly made. Not only do they get stuck in the barrel but may also damage your gun. 

They will do this by creating scratches and grooves along the inside, but most of all they will give the user a disappointing experience when it comes to accuracy, power and distance. 

High Grade Cobra BB Bullets

Quantity- 5000pc

Colours- White

Quality- High Grade BB Pellets

See Other Listing For Other Higher Grade BB's

Size- 6mm

Compatibility- Fit Any 6mm Air Soft Gun/Rifle

These BB Bullets/Pellets Are High Grade, Work In Any BB Guns, Hand Guns, Rifles, Shot guns, Automatic Guns And Any Other Air Soft Guns.

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